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Nik Turner



Nik Turner

“I Do What I Like!” a collaboration with Nik Turner. Nik and I have been friends for 25 years and have crossed musical paths a few times. Currently, Nik has had a bout of ill health and given this and his advancing years, we have decided to create an album-length project, think ‘...And The Beat Goes On’ by The Vanilla Fudge meets later years works by Johnny Cash with Rick Rubin. 

It will feature new recordings and archive material, woven together to give a narrative arc reflecting Nik’s musical journey. This will include some previously unreleased recordings from the Great Pyramid at Giza from the 70’s session there, along with other unreleased and reimagined sessions from across the decades.

This will be a vinyl-only release with spatter vinyl effect in 2 colours and it will feature extensive notes and exclusive artwork. There will be a special edition, each one with a personal message created by Nik. We expect to have this available in August 2020.

At this time, we would like an idea of the number of people who would be interested in reserving a copy, in order to organise the numbers to manufacture. This release will not be available in any shops or via other distributors. The aim is to create a memorable record which offers insight into the man and the musician that is Nik Turner.

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