Studio Fundraiser 8″ Special

The Studio Fundraiser

Special Edition Lathe Cut 8” Single with Full Colour 8” Sleeve and Full Colour Labels

Created by Phil Pio at 3.45RPM. He’s delighted to be creating this first of a kind release “You’ll have a 3.45RPM World First Exclusive on your hands, mate !!”

This features the final 2 tracks that I have been able to tease out of the dying iMac. The tracks feature Pete Bingham and Glenda Pescado of Sendelica and Lost Stoned Pandas fame, and the legend that is Nik Turner on Sax, Flute and voice and ‘Panda’ Chris Mekon on Cosmic Space Synth. Two Space Rock jams which will only ever feature on this 8” single.

The tracks are made but I have to form an orderly queue at the Lathe Cutters, so I’ll take orders over the next two weeks and the record will ship late November.

The single is £23 plus P&P 

Registered and Signed For P&P 

UK £5

Europe £7

RoW £9

Please make a Family & Friends payment via PayPal to

Back/Sob Story

Contrary to popular misconception, being an independent musician is not a high-income occupation. I’m not complaining, because I get to do what I love, but it’s very much a hand to mouth existence. In general, I don’t like dealing with money, it’s a necessary evil and a means to allow my creativity, but I’d rather never have to deal with it.

So I find myself, at the end of a very busy year, with a need to replace my studio computer. My sturdy 2011 iMac has seen me through all my Sendelica albums and singles as well as all the varied and wonderful projects that you all know me to have had a hand in.

Sadly, it’s life is coming to an end and I am now spending as much time encouraging it to work as I am producing music and art. I’m hoping to enlist the support of our groovy community by creating a unique item.

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser