Nik Turner I Do What I Like LP Launch

Available from the Sendelica Bandcamp

“I Do What I Like’ is the brand new Nik Turner album recorded over 2020 with Colin Consterdine producing and playing, along with select guest musicians. It’s a deeply personal album with Nik, the mature 80-year-old cultural icon, sharing stories about the two main loves of his life: music and travel.

Nik plays Flute, Alto and Tenor Saxophones and provides vocals to these tracks, which range from Nik’s classic space rock sound to ambient soundscapes, evoking life experiences and places visited along the way. There is an orchestration of Nik’s landmark flute performance in the Great Pyramid at Giza from 1978. The amazing reverb and vibrations of the place are augmented with orchestra, Egyptian percussion and electronics to create an immersive experience in sound.

The title track, ‘I Do What I Like’, is a spoken word reflection on Nik’s life and his attitude to the world. Poignant, moving and redolent of the character and love that Nik has lived his life with.

Guests include Pete Bingham from Sendelica on guitar, fellow Sendelican and long-time associate of Nik; Glenda Pescado, on bass, and Chris Mekon on electronics.

The project was co-written with Nik and conceived and produced by Colin Consterdine.

“I’ve known Nik for 30 years, he often joined my old band, Zion Train, on stage, and once I moved out to West Wales in 1998, we vowed to make an album together. Finally, it has arrived. I’ve taken time to talk with Nik about his life, his music and his travels. From youthful Rock ‘n’ Roll dances at a US Airbase near Margate to his Headshop stall on Margate seafront; onto his trip to Australia in the early 60’s as an engineer on cruise ships, to his trips to Germany, Holland and Egypt. We’ve reflected on his life of playing and the joy he takes in making people dance with happiness. Nik is a cultural giant and the most decent, big-hearted man who ever played a tune.

This is a beautiful, emotional record with Nik Turner at the heart of it. As Nik himself said to me, “ I do what I like, follow the direction that seems most interesting and find people who light up my life”.

It’s been a real honour to make this album. It’s a labour of love and a true testament to the gentleman player, Nik Turner.”

Colin Consterdine August 2021

The album comes in several Editions, some of which feature a 32-page book describing the projects, its production and the many, wonderful conversations with Nik along the way, as well as exclusive artwork and essays.

Tomorrow is a Bandcamp No Fee day, so more proceeds can go to the Artists.

Nik, in the Cosmos, yesterday.